Our Mission

The Bethel Revitalization Initiative's aim is to encourage interaction, cooperation, and communication between the town’s various organizations, businesses, clubs, individuals, and the town government towards the following goals:

  • Identify the town’s business, social, aesthetic and cultural assets
  • Promote the growth and development of Bethel's business community, its social organizations and activities, its cultural climate, and aesthetic assets in a mutually inclusive and beneficial manner.

Who We Are

We are a group of engaged Bethel community members interested in making our town a better place. Our group includes longtime residents and new arrivals, retirees and young parents, business owners and commuters, new volunteers and experienced organizations. We are not an official town committee or a non-profit organization, so we don't have to follow many rules and we like to think outside the box. Got an idea? Interested in getting involved in town? You're in!

What We Do

The BRI is a "do-ocracy" - that means people show up with good ideas and then do them. If you have a good idea to make Bethel better, come join us and make it happen. If you're not ready to dive in head first, join us to hear more or help out on one of our current projects. Read more about what we've been up to...  like a Community Potluck Dinner series, Bethel University, and Bethel Better Block.